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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OFFtrack Radioshow November 18th 2009

Mark Hollis- The Daily Planet- Polydor
A Race Of Angels- Your Name- Luv Classics
Cinematic Orchestra- That Home- Ninja Tune
Fink- Q and A- Ninja Tune
Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins- 70mph isn't fast enough...- Ubiquity
Basil Hardhaus 2- Black Man- Nu Groove
Chez N Trent- Prescription Undergound- Prescription
Bobby Konders- The Poem/ Version- Nu Groove
Arthur Russell- In The Light Of The Miracle- Talkin Loud
Felix- Tiger Stripes- Traffic
Raw Silk- Just In Time- West End
Sinnamon- I Need You Now- Jive
Andres- Sing About It- Mahogany
Trus´me- Sweet Mother- Fat City
GU and Cei-Bei- House Music Will Never Die- Cajual
Session Victim- Ranunkelvej- Real Soon
Hunee- Rare Silk- WT
Ben Klock/Precious System- In A While/Voice- Innervisions
Maurizio- Domina- Maurizio
Anthony Shakir- Arise (Trus´me Mix)- Synchrophone
Sebastien Tellier- L´Amour Et La Violence (Floating Points Dub)- Record Makers
Julien Dyne- Layer- BBE