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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OFFtrack Radioshow May 22nd 2007

Tracy Thorn- Raise The Roof (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Mix)- Virgin
Visioneers feat. Voice- Replay (Visioneers Replay)- BBE
Extended Spirit- Sista Riddim- Best Seven
SA RA feat. Rozzi Daime- So Special- Babygrande
Monassa- Watercircles- Up My Alley
Carl Borg- Negative Response- CDR
Björk feat. Antony- The Dull Flame Of Desire- Little Indian
I:Cube- Live At The Planetarium- Versatile
Quince- Clear- Delsin
Kai Alcé- Broken Headlights- Real Soon
Patrice Scott- Atmospheric Emotions- Sistrum
Sascha Dive- Deep In Rhythm- Deep Vibes
MAW Electronic- Body- MAW
Alton Miller- Possibilities (Zoetic Mix)- R2
Atjazz feat. Robert Owens- Love Someone- Mantis
Slope- Gemini- Sonar Kollektiv
Roland Appel / Jan Krause- Dark Soldier- Sonar Kollektiv
Sea & The Cake- Too Strong- Thrill Jockey
Zeep- Have You Ever- Far Out
Tuomo- Since Or Ever- Jupiter
Randolph Matthews- Canvas- Documented
Visioneers/Pharcyde- Runnin- BBE
The McCrarys- Love On A Summer Night- Capitol
Rhyze- Do Your Dance- 20th Century
The Brothers Johnson- This Had To Be- A and M

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

OFFtrack Radioshow May 8th 2007

Âme- Fiori- Ostgut Ton
Quince- Sole Trader- Delsin
Deetron feat. Ovasoul7- I Cling (Yoruba Soul Mix)- Music Man
Rhythm and Sound feat. Tikiman- Ruff Way (Afefe Iku Mix)- White
Black Devil- Black Sunshine (Quiet Village Mix)- Loeb
Mudd- Speilplatz (Quiet Village Mix)- Rong Music
Airmate feat. Thief- Slow Down- Mole
Smith and Mudd- Plot Of Land- Rong Music
The Sea And The Cake- Exact To Me- Thrill Jockey
The Society feat. Ovasoul7- God Speed
Mistical- Natasha. Soul:R
Klute- Never Never- Commercial Suicide
Scienz Culture- Ginsu- Sunshine Enterprises
Polyrhythm Addicts- Four Corners- Babygrande
Wax Taylor feat. Ursula Rucker- We Be- Decon
Modaji feat. Maspyke- 3 Wheel Hooky- Altered Vibes
Five Corners Quintet- Lighthouse (Mitsu The Beats Mix)- Ricky Tick
7 Samurai- The African (Panoptikum Mix)- GEMM
Herb LF- Fruchtalarm (Whignomy Brothers Mix)- Farside
Lyric L- Ohh U and I- Altered Vibes